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*NT Paintings - Wm Hole

1. The Angel Gabriel's Announcement to Mary2. Mary and Joseph Arrive in Bethlehem3. The Wise Men Search for Messiah's Birthplace4. The Wise Men Find the Baby Jesus
5. Simeon Acclaims the Messiah6. Joseph, Mary and Jesus Flee to Egypt7. Jesus at Age 12 in the Temple8. Jesus in Joseph's Carpentry Workshop
9. The Holy Spirit Descends upon Jesus10. Jesus Tempted in the Wilderness11. The Wedding Feast at Cana12. The Miraculous Draught of Fish
13. Little Children Come to Jesus14. The Parable of the Sower15. Nicodemus Consults Jesus at Night16. Jesus Stills the Storm
17. The Widow's Son Raised from Death18. Jesus Teachng the Samaritan Woman at the Well19. The Sermon on the Mount20. The Transfiguration
21. The Accusers of the Adulteress Confounded22. Zacchaeus Accosted by Jesus23. Blind Bartimaeus Begs to Be Healed24. The Persistent Syro-Phoenician Woman
25. The Epileptic Boy Healed26. Jairus' Daughter Raised27. The Centurion Asks Jesus to Heal His Servant28. Many People Miraculously Healed
29. Teaching Mary and Martha30. Lazarus Raised31. Jesus' Feet Washed with Tears32. The Lame Man at the Pool of Bethesda
33. Jesus Walks on Water34. Jesus Laments over Jerusalem35. The Feeding of the Multitude36. Jesus' Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem
37. The Money Changers Driven from the Temple38. The Last Supper39. Judas Betrays Jesus40. Jesus before Caiaphas
41. Peter Denies His Master42. Jesus before Pilate43. Pilate Questions Jesus44. Jesus Mocked
45. Jesus Scourged46. The Darkness at the Crucifixion47. Jesus' Body Entombed48. Jesus and Mary in the Garden
49. Angels in the Deserted Tomb50. Doubting Thomas Convinced51. Jesus on the Shore of Lake Tiberias52. Jesus Ascends to Heaven

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